The West Virginia Hardwood Alliance Zone consists of twelve counties in the heart of West Virginia’s hardwood region. We provide a competitive advantage to the hardwood industry in relation to relocation, expansion, and development.

Three advantages set us apart from other locations: abundant natural resources, we are located near major transportation, and we have a highly skilled labor force available at competitive wages.


The West Virginia Hardwood Alliance Zone is a major hardwood-producing region that sustains nearly 400 manufacturing, processing and other wood-product operations.

The average hardwood timber growth in West Virginia is three times the amount of lumber that is harvested for production.


The hardwood industry has been a part of West Virginia since its infancy and has transcended third and fourth generations of loggers and wood workers.

In 2020, the Forest Products Industry (FPI) in the HAZ region made direct economic contributions of $978 million in sales, 4,674 jobs, $451 million in value-added, and $286 million in employee compensation.


West Virginia is the third most heavily forested state in the U.S., with 98% of that forested land available for timber production.

West Virginia’s 12 million acres of forestland and 75 billion board feet of lumber inventory form the basis of the thriving wood industry. As one of the top wood-producing states, West Virginia puts out more than 700 million board feet of lumber, 770 million square feet of OSB, and 800 million square feet of veneer annually.