A breakdown of the species groups by Million Board Feet found in West Virginia:

The Harwood Alliance Zone ranks third nationally in percentage of forested land and is home to various hardwood types. The variety of species allows for multiple products to be manufactured.

Hardwood Sawtimber Species Data, Measured by Million Board Feet – 2021

Yellow Poplar 14.61
Northern Red Oak 11.45
Chestnut Oak 10.12
Sugar Maple 9.29
White Oak 7.67
Hickory 5.85
Black Oak 2.73
Scarlet Oak 2.62
Black Walnut .53
TOTAL 64.87

The total available net merchantable volume of commercial tree species is estimated at 6.8 billion board feet based on Forest Products Industry (FPI) data.

The most common commercial species in the HAZ region is yellow poplar followed by red oak, chestnut oak and sugar maple.

The following is a list of the hardwood species found in the Hardwood Alliance per thousand acres.

Major Forest-type Groups in the HAZ Region