If you are a primary or secondary wood processor looking to maximize profits, the WVHAZ will show you sites and buildings situated near existing wood industry firms. We’ll show you how your company can prosper in the WVHAZ with competitive financing incentives, low-cost energy and workforce training programs.

The WV Hardwood Alliance Zone is focused on increasing value-added hardwood manufacturing investment in our region and supporting our businesses that are currently located here. We can assist your business by:

  • Providing information about the area and available or developable industrial sites
  • Coordinating with local and state economic development agencies to generate custom-tailored incentive packages that will meet your needs
  • Helping you connect with utility companies, regulatory agencies, and other entities
  • Providing information on raw materials, wood resources, species, volumes, etc.
  • Visiting your site to determine your business needs or issues your business may face
  • Assisting with industrial access road construction
  • Listing available property or business on the WV Department of Economic Development and the WVHAZ website
  • Arranging and providing information on upcoming business training sessions
  • Providing information on industry-specific trade shows that the WVHAZ and the WV Department of Economic Development attend
  • Assistance with completing loan applications for state programs
  • Connecting you to state or local programs to benefit your business
  • Helping you work with other local businesses that may use your goods and services or provide a product or service you need
  • Nominating local businesses and/or business owners for industry awards
  • Writing letters of support for business activities
  • Discussing local banking, real estate and marketing partners
  • Providing space for employee training
  • Assisting with securing WV tax credits and other incentives
  • Assisting with workforce training and overall business planning